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Core360 Initial Assessment 

(60 minutes) $85.00

  • Core360 Posture & Movement Assessment

  • Review of Personal History to establish your goals and identify your strengths, weaknesses and any movement limitations.

  • Posture Profile -Improving your posture and making healthy lifestyle changes begins with knowing  what it looks like and what it feels like.   Still photos are taken and analyzed using our Posture Zone Software. The movement assessment utilizing Spark Motion takes things a step further looking at common functional movements to identify any limitations or dysfunctions.

Core360 Advanced Assessment 

(90 minutes) $120.00

  • The Advanced Assessment includes everything in the Initial Assessment AND

  • Cardio/Health Risk Profile – A SubMaximal VO2 Test is added to take a further look at your cardio respiratory fitness.

  • Posture Profile – expanded to include a full body movement analysis along with individual muscle testing and joint range of motion.

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core-360-naples-massage-therapy-corrective-the-crucial-fisrt-stepThe key to developing a safe and effective personal training program begins with a comprehensive assessment. It not only gives us a baseline for the basic health markers of weight and cardiovascular health but helps identify muscle imbalances and movement impairments that can lead to pain, injury and performance limitations.

Personal training should never be a “one size fits all” approach. To be effective, exercises should be chosen based on your posture, abilities and personal history. The assessment gives us the information necessary to design an exercise program that is tailored to your needs.

It’s all about choosing the right exercises, knowing how to progress them and making sure you perform them with good technique and posture.

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