Join Janet Herrberg and Dr. Jake Berman
for this 3 part series and discover new ways to challenge
your balance and improve functional performance

9015 Strada Stell Ct #105 Naples, FL 34109

Tuesday, October 24th at 3:30pm  
for the
1st workshop in our 3 part Balance Series:

Top 3 Reason to Attend
1)  Reduce your risk of falls which results in more than 2.8 million injuries a year, over 800,000 hospital stays, 27,000 deaths and a cost of $31 billion in 2014.
2)  Improve your core strength, balance and posture!
3)  Improve your performance of daily activities and continue to lead an active lifestyle.
#1)  Tuesday, Oct 24th – Balance And The Senses – Discover how the eyes, ears, nervous and musculature systems affect balance!
#2)  Tuesday, Oct. 31st – Functional Balance and Core Strength –  The CORE muscles provide the foundation for improving balance and movement patterns.
#3)  Tuesday, Nov. 7th – Dynamic Balance for Sport Performance – Challenge your balance with dynamic movement patterns that make sense and will improve function and performance.
You will receive handouts, tips and a wealth of info to incorporate in your daily routine.
Attend a single session for $39 or all 3 for $89
Please register online or by calling 239-325-9082, prior to the event.
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