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At Core360 Wellness we believe in an integrated approach to achieving your wellness goals. We’ve brought together the best personal trainers and massage therapists, the most advanced posture and movement screening software, scientifically based exercise and massage equipment and functional fitness activities to provide a personal training and massage therapy experience unlike any other.

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Discover The Secrets to Improving Your Balance!

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One on One training for achieving long-term wellness.

Would you like the motivation but don’t need the one-on-one attention?

Posture Improvement

Stand tall and restore balance and stability to the body.

We keep things simple allowing you & your body to dictate the session.

Choosing the right exercises for your posture, acitivity level and personal health history.

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Our trainers and therapists take pride in continuously scanning the latest exercise and sport medicine research to bring the safest, most up to date methods for proven results.  Our state of the art equipment is scientifically based  and our FUN-KI zone takes functional training to a new level.

Our small group personal training session offer an affordable option! Unlike group fitness and bootcamp style classes where everyone performs the same exercises, with group personal training exercises are selected based on your health history, goals and posture profile.

Unleash your body’s incredible potential to heal itself

Core360 therapists in Naples, Florida are trained in a variety of techniques including swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, advanced orthopedic/sports/medical massage, neuromuscular therapy, myoskeletal alignment, reflexology and hot stone. Depending upon your unique profile and massage preferences, your therapist may utilize an array of techniques and modalities to customize your session for a one of a kind experience!

As massage therapy has gained in popularity the menu of services being offered has become long and often confusing. Our philosophy is to keep things simple and allow you and your body to dictate the session.  Our large massage rooms are equipped with high quality massage creams and oils, state of the art heated tables with Comfy linens.

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The key to developing a safe and effective personal training program begins with a comprehensive assessment. It not only gives us a baseline for the basic health markers of weight and cardiovascular health but helps identify muscle imbalances and movement impairments that can lead to pain, injury and performance limitations.

Personal training should never be a “one size fits all” approach.  Exercises should be chosen based on your posture, abilities and personal history. The assessment gives us the information necessary to design an exercise program that is tailored to your needs.

It’s all about choosing the right exercises, knowing how to progress them and making sure you perform them with good technique and posture.

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