Group Personal Training & Classes


Would you like the motivation, accountability and personal instruction a personal trainer can provide but don’t necessarily need the one-on-one attention?

Our  small group personal training sessions offer an affordable option!  Unlike traditional fitness and bootcamp classes, where everyone performs the same exercises,  our group personal training exercises are selected  based on your health history, goals and posture profile.

Core360 Group Training

To ensure personalized attention, groups are limited to 4 participants.

This 60 minute group training session combines strength, flexibility, agility and balance for a great workout. Utilizing a combination of our MedX Exercise Equipment, Kinesis One, weights, bands, and TRX Suspension training in our Fun-KI your trainer will customize a fun workout in a small group setting.

Core360 MELT Class

This self-treatment program, uses MELT treatment balls on  feet to rehydrate the body’s connective tissue. The use of a soft foam roller you’ll massage the soft tissue, lengthening the muscles and tendons, followed by strengthening and balancing exercises for the core and pain free movement.
This class will have you standing tall and moving pain-free.

Core360 Flexibility Strength Stability Class

This 50 minute class is all about restoring balance, stability and strength to the body. Combining core exercises for core strength with stretching and balance work. This class will have you standing tall and moving pain-free.

“In just 8 weeks of posture class, my posture has improved with more even hips and shoulders. My neck looks longer and I look and feel younger. Thank you Janet for these classes.”


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